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Let’s Build Together the Future of Tamil Nadu

The rapid urbanization of Tamil Nadu, a state in India, represents an advantage in terms of economic growth for those living in urban areas but, in addition to having triggered a widespread unsafe migration to urban areas, it has increased unemployment in rural areas. India has the advantage of having a big population and therefore a large workforce, but the challenge lays on finding quality and talent. There is a strong need to educate people, especially youngsters, to ensure that they can enter the job market with the appropriate professional skills.

SIGNIS Services Rome, together with Don Bosco Media Initiatives for Development Empowerment and Awareness (DB MIDEA), has decided to set in motion a project for the creation of a Media Training Center, with the aim of training unemployed young people, women and Sri Lankan migrants, in multimedia skills, such as photography, animation and 2D graphics, video editing, sound engineering, production of multimedia materials and much more. The goal is to train 100 young people a year, providing them with all the skills and knowledge to become independent. Learning this profession would give young people the opportunity to fulfill their dreams, to emancipate themselves, to become integrated and to change the society around them.

To make this project a reality, the assistance of SSR and the ideas of DB MIDEA are not enough, we also need your help. Click here and donate. Make a contribution to help the unemployed young people of India improve their lives and that of those around them. Share this post with your friends and family, spread the word and inspire others to do a good deed today. Every little act counts, and could be decisive for the future of Tamil Nadu.

We are working with great enthusiasm on this project, the first project carried out by SSR in Asia among those chosen from our Call 4 Project Ideas 2018/2019.

Now the only thing that is missing is your contribution, donate here


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