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Production studio

Communication has greatly evolved over time. The way that we talked, moved, and interacted with each other was different a hundred years ago, but also very different just a few years back. Even if as communicators, we embrace and understand the art of communicating, we have had to be resilient and adapt to what the public needs from us in current times.

One of the areas that have gained importance and relevance in the past few years is audiovisual communication. Creating videos that are impactful, telling a story in a compelling and touching way, and curating all the aesthetic aspects of a product have proved to be beneficial in reaching and engaging the public, both on and offline. So is the case for audio, which has seen a rise thanks to the diffusion of podcasts and the rediscovery of the power of the voice. Due to this situation, creating audiovisual content and communicating it has pushed people from around the world to excel, to do it better and greater each time. This means that the competition is harder and that we too, must do better each time.

One tool that can skyrocket your communication and productivity is having access to a production studio. Including all the necessary equipment and providing the guidance and counseling you may need, SIGNIS Services Rome’s Production Studio is available to be customized to your needs and get you producing top-quality material in no time.

Your Production Studio may have:

  • Audio recording studio: audio mixers, monitors, racks, microphones, audio editing software, speakers, headphones, SoundStation, master keyboard…
  • Video recording studio: monitors, green screen, editing software, video cameras…
  • PC for video editing: computer, Windows Pro, editing programs, accessories, memory cards, hard disk…
  • Studio lights
  • Projector
  • Audio amplification systems
  • Musical instruments
  • Equipment for streaming on radio and television
  • Laser printer
  • Customized website

SSR will assist you to find the funds and stay by your side by providing technical support and assistance, and even training courses for those that will be managing the Studio or people that wish to learn more about audiovisuals. Contact us now to to find out more about how you can become the next big producer in town and how this will give a voice to your community.