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Solar Panels

A commitment to sustainability

The Sun. So powerful and so free. So dangerous sometimes; so useful. It’s not by chance that the ancient Egyptians worshiped it as a god. Nowadays, people and nations are discovering more and more how rich they are just because of this strength of nature: having the sun at home. Having solar panels, or solar panel kits at hand, can help you transform this power of nature into power for your communication! No more energy cuts, polluting generators and uncertainty.

We assist in the selection and installation of solar panels to make your communication center, radio or tv station, or recording studio sustainable. This is a cost-effective solution that ensures self-sustainability, takes advantage of the existing resources, improves the durability of the technical equipment, and is in line with the Laudato Si’ values.

Solar panel kits – these small, yet mighty solar panel kits provide electricity in the most remote areas, thus allowing access to media in even the most remote communities.

  • Solar panel
  • Battery Lamps (3)
  • Radio Solar
  • Flashlight
  • Cables (3)

Solar panels fitting your needs – solar panel grids depend on the power of energy you need, the hours of streaming, the level of sunshine in your area and many other factors. Our expert technicians will assist you in the analysis and definition of the most suitable solution to have the sun at your fingertips!