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Radio Studio

One of the founding pillars of SIGNIS is radio. Here we understand and appreciate how powerful it can be to have a local radio station, one that represents you and your community. Even if for decades people have predicted its extinction, radio has proved them wrong time and time again, and we too believe that it will prevail.

Radio has been since its beginning a channel used to reach the most difficult places, a tool that can be the voice of those that have been silenced and a crucial means of communication where television or Internet connection are not accessible or where people cannot read. It is cost-effective, timely, and a reliable and trusted source of information for people all over the world. Radio keeps you up to date with world and local news, makes you company, gives you advice, and entertains you. It can be used to alert others, empower a community, and even educate your children. The possibilities of radio are endless, also because it has a great reach, is democratic and portable.

When as SIGNIS we started building radios in Africa back in the 90s our goal was to bring a local voice to the areas that needed it the most. To date, as SIGNIS Services Rome we have built and supported dozens of radio stations in Liberia, Nigeria, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, and many more within Africa. But our work has now expanded and is reaching new horizons with our projects in Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific, and counts with top-notch technology and equipment.

We offer a Radio Studio Kit that will have you broadcasting in no time. We will assist you to turn your dream into a reality and improve the livelihood of your diocese and community. We provide not only all the technical equipment that you may require, like microphones, headphones, computers, racks, and software, but we will also help you set up the antenna and even get solar panels to make your radio station sustainable. A team of experts will follow you every step of the way, so you are prepared and trained to make the best out of it. On the other hand, if you already have a radio station and want to modernize it, we can also provide you with brand new equipment!

Our mission is to support you in creating something meaningful for your community. It is everyone’s right to access information and to have an outlet that can benefit the community. Radio has always been the best way to do this and the way that it has adapted to the rapidly changing world we live in, it can now have an even bigger reach through the creation of podcasts: a trendy tool that has gained a lot of interest lately, especially by the youth.

We have recently witnessed the importance of timely and accurate information. Get it to your community now by creating a new radio station with the support of life-long experts in the field. Contact us at to know more about this service and to bring the voice your people have needed for so long.