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As experts in communication technologies, through our consulting services, we walk with you every step of the way until your project idea is materialized and even after. We are a team of professionals who take care of project writing, selecting the equipment, finding the donors, and providing technical support and pastoral assistance so you can make the most of your project and make sure to create a positive impact in your community.

The discovery call is a good occasion for knowing each other, have an overview of your project idea, and learn about the activities you would like to implement.

Over €1.5000.000 fundraised

40 projects delivered

in 25 countries

with 42 stakeholders

12 radio stations

2 recording studios

2 communication centres

2 TV stations

Our projects and impact


Florence Flomo: the young voice of Radio Paraclete

Radio Paraclete, a radio station guided by the holy spirit as its name indicates, has been broadcasting in the diocese of Gbarnga, in Liberia, since early 2020. This radio station was born from Bishop Anthony Borwah’s vision to evangelize through the use of the media, for which he contacted SIGNIS Services Rome to turn it into a reality.

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A communications center for Belize

A new communications center is arriving in the diocese of Belize City and Belmopan. Supplied with audio and video equipment for conferences and recording, computers, projectors, speakers and much more, the first communications center of the diocese will be a place of gathering for people from all ages and backgrounds that wish to get closer to technology, communications and the Church. 

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Let’s Build Together the Future of Tamil Nadu

The rapid urbanization of Tamil Nadu, a state in India, represents an advantage in terms of economic growth for those living in urban areas but, in addition to having triggered a widespread unsafe migration to urban areas, it has increased unemployment in rural areas.

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Journey of a project

Call for project ideas for the creation of new media