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Reporter kit

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re witnessing history or an important event but you lack the tools to report on it? Do you feel like you have all the necessary knowledgeto create an amazing product but you’re missing the instruments to deliver the best quality possible? Worry no more, SIGNIS Services Rome’s Reporter Kit is available now.

Our Reporter Kit is dedicated to all media people and freelance journalists who travel and need to report and edit news or content on the go. This kit facilitates the broadcast of news on radio and television, or just to publish it online on websites and social platforms. It will have you ready to fully cover an event: you can record HD audio and video and forget about ambiance noise, edit all your material and store all the data to keep it safe.

The Reporter Kit includes the following:

  • 1 digital audio recorder
  • 1 accessories kit (tripod, microphone cover…)
  • 1 professional stereo headphones
  • 1 portable notebook 4 GB RAM 128GB SSD
  • 1 audio and video editing software
  • 1 videocamera
  • 1 USB external hard disk 1 terabyte
  • 1 16GB flash memory
  • 1 32GB flash memory
  • 1 accessories (cables, chargers…)
  • 1 bag

It all fits into a comfortable bag that you can bring with you anywhere you go, and make sure to get all the angles and details that will make your story succeed in informing the public. If you are interested in acquiring one of our Reporter Kits, email us now at and we will get one ready for you!