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Luntha TV: bringing wisdom to Malawians with the support of SSR

luntha television

Malawi is located in the southeastern part of Africa. Covering over 120.000km2 and with a population of 20.5 million people, it is known as the “warm heart of Africa” because of how friendly its population is, something reflected in the latest interview given by Fr. David Niwagaba, director of Luntha Television to SIGNIS Services Rome. 

Malawi has a rather rich media landscape, as it has 16 television stations, 5 of which are religious. Luntha Television is one of them. A project born in 1982 as just a small studio to educate and evangelize through electronic images, is today one of the most watched and reliable sources of entertainment and information in Malawi. It was created by the Montford Commissioners and its name means “wisdom” in the local language, as they took inspiration from their founder Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort who said in a statement that “to know everything and not know Jesus Christ is to know nothing, because he is wisdom”. Luntha Television started broadcasting in 2007 and over time it gained a position as one of the top channels of Malawi, but the studios needed to keep up with the times and with how much the Station was growing, so it needed a renovation. That was when SIGNIS Services Rome came in. 

SSR took care of improving and modernizing the digital television broadcasting studio equipment of Luntha Television, where now there is a television production studio composed of video cameras, video editing equipment and software, lights and microphones and a production direction studio with a video mixer and a rack connected to video cameras and various components for live broadcast, among many other things. All these changes have allowed Luntha Television to keep producing top quality content in various formats and areas “to bring about the spiritual and integral format of the human being”. Fr. David shared during an interview on SSR’s Facebook show SIGNIS With You Live that as they look at the spiritual aspects of life, they also look at the other social aspects that affect their programming. This way, they can cater to the needs and interests of the whole population and they air news, information, live mass every day, entertainment, talent shows, gospel music shows and programs covering topics like the environment, religion, social and economical issues, female empowerment, education, policies, child protection, family and so on. A 360° look into life in and outside Malawi. 

According to Fr. David, the collaboration between Luntha Television and SIGNIS Services Rome “has been great” as “the service provided by SSR goes way beyond choosing the right equipment and finding the necessary funds to get it. It also includes accompaniment and training” for the people involved in the television station. Today, Luntha Television boasts of twenty four hours quality broadcasting seven days per week, has qualified and experienced staff who produce quality feature, documentary and television broadcast programs, and is a voice and reference point for the people of Malawi. 


    • Maria Victoria La Terza

      Just like your work with Luntha Television! Thank you for your passion and interest in enriching Malawi’s media landscape through this important and reliable television channel, and for trusting SIGNIS Services Rome to develop and support this project.

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