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Planning M.E.A.L. Activities: accountability and learning

In our journey exploring the M.E.A.L. System, we have understood how M.E.A.L. planning tools help projects meet the information needs of involved stakeholders, including project team members, community members, project participants, and donors. 

We looked at the tools that are useful for you to plan the monitoring and evaluation of your project and now it is time to explore together the tools that will help you to be accountable and learn. There are three tools: Feedback-and-response mechanism flowcharts (FRMs), the Communication Plan and the Learning Plan, which we will analyze to give a clear idea about each of them and how to use them.

MODULE 5: Planning M.E.A.L Activities: Accountability and Learning Download

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*This content was curated by Valeria Appolloni and inspired by the materials published on Kaya, published for non-commercial and educational use.