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Bring movies and videos to your diocese with SSR’s Cinema in a Box

Movies impact us powerfully. The combination of images, music, lighting, and dialogue elicit deep emotions and make us reflect on our lives, making us better understand the world that surrounds us and the way our society operates. We can enjoy a movie at a theater, a cultural center, our living room, or even our portable devices via streaming. 

Streaming is changing the way we interact with movies as we are losing the social contact that going to a venue represents, also since the covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stay apart. Even if streaming indeed has great advantages, it is important to fully recognize how watching a movie together can strengthen a community. For this reason, SIGNIS Services Rome created “Cinema in a Box”, so you are ready to use cinema and videos to share ideas and to promote good cinema when we can all gather again.

Cinema in a Box is a complete system for film and video projection, all comfortably packed in one box. It can be transported easily and allows you to organize screenings and discussions with easy-to-use professional material. The box includes: 

  • 1 Professional HD Projector
  • 1 Audio system with radio microphone and mixer for debate
  • 1 BLURAY / DVD and hard drive HD player for projecting any type of format
  • 1 Widescreen 16:9 for a true cinema experience (optional).

With Cinema in a Box, you can host movie nights at your local cultural center, use it as a tool for pastoral development, host meetings and events, do presentations, and even teach lessons! SIGNIS Services Rome has shipped this box to the diocese of Kinshasa and that of Kongolo in the Democratic Republic of Congo, to Zanzibar and Tanzania. Will yours be next? Contact us at for more information, costs and details! 

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