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Message of the President of SIGNIS for Easter 2019

Dear brothers and sisters of SIGNIS,

Dear friends of SIGNIS,

The Disciples Peter and John Running to the Sepulchre on the Morning of the Resurrection, by The French painter Eugène Burnand, illustrates the intense emotions these two men must have felt on the morning of that first Easter. I marvel at how Burnand was able to use his talents and gifts as an artist to communicate the urgency, fear, hope and passionate love the disciples experienced as they raced toward Jesus’ tomb.

I also ask myself how can I, as a Catholic communicator, communicate the mystery of the Resurrection without sounding trite, without reducing it to the commonplace? Our patron, St. Oscar Romero, and so many others offer us a simple, yet profound example. They are able to discern in the deepest sense the light of divine hope and the strength of the human, and turn them into simple stories that transform lives and communities.

May all of us, as SIGNIS members, find a renewed commitment to telling that story of Resurrection. During these sacred days of the Triduum, and in the holy Easter season, as we once again look upon the face of Christ, may we meditate upon and feel the urgency of the call we hear from migrants and refugees, indigenous peoples, the poor and marginalized, young people, journalists and communicators who suffer threats, victims of any type of violence, indeed anyone whose heart is burning with love for God’s people and creation.

Let us communicate to them, together with them, the joy of a Resurrection that can be their very own resurrection.

Helen Osman
SIGNIS President

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