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Maria Chiara De Lorenzo is an Italian Journalist. Communicator by passion and by profession, she belongs to that bridge generation between digital migrants and digital natives. She holds a master’s degree in digital journalism from the Pontifical Lateran University and a master’s degree in communication science from the University of Siena.

Before joining SIGNIS in 2018, she worked as a press officer and communication consultant for non-governmental organizations, as well as cinema and television production companies. She conducted communication workshops for teenagers in Italy, India, in international meetings, and for families, adults and communication professionals in Ivory Coast and in Italy.

She’s part of the editorial board of TEENS magazine. “For me, the keyword is ‘Culture of Encounter’. I think that, as women, we are privileged in understanding what is needed to build relationships among people — both at a professional level, with our colleagues, and in our work as communicators. In my work, I try to be ‘relationship-oriented’ more than ‘result-oriented’ and to prioritize this in my daily commitment. I know that after all, I have to get results. But you get there with others more than alone. What I see as most important and what I try to live in my experience at SIGNIS is precisely this: the value of human relationships.”

Twitter: @mcdelorenzo Instagram: mcdelor Linkedin