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SIGNIS annual report 2019: focus on SIGNIS Services Rome

SIGNIS, the World Catholic Association for Communication, launched its 2019 Annual Report where SIGNIS Services Rome got to explain not only the work done in the past year but also give some insight about the way we work.

SIGNIS Services Rome specializes in providing technical support, technological equipment, training and guidance for improving the communication environment of a country. We are experts in communication technologies and provide assistance and accompaniment to Catholic organizations and associations that wish to build new media, communication centers, install vsat connections, build production centers, radio or television stations and much more.

In the past years we have received the ideas to develop this sort of projects mainly through the launch of our “Call For Project Ideas for the Creation of New Media and Communication Centers”, now on its third edition. As SIGNIS Services Rome, we have developed a numerous quantity of projects, many of them coming from our Call and highlighted on the Report. The realization of these projects has allowed several dioceses and associations to bring a new voice, new eyes, and new connections to their respective territories. The presence of new channels of communication in places where information is still not available for everyone is key in improving the livelihood of people. In fact, in many of these projects the focus goes to education, women and youth empowerment, social integration, skill development and creating new jobs.

As SIGNIS Services Rome we are very proud and grateful to be able to aid, guide and accompany these projects that have, and will, better the communication conditions of so many places. Especially during rough times like with the current pandemic, it is heartening to know how life-changing it has been for so many people to be able to receive trustworthy and timely information, other than a source of entertainment and distraction.

We stand by our commitment to use media as a culture of peace, and to do our very best to help others fulfill their dreams of helping people using the art of communication.

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