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Radio mic

Broadcast from your new radio station with SSR

One of the founding pillars of SIGNIS is radio. Here we understand and appreciate how powerful it can be to have a local radio station, one that represents you and your community. Even if for decades people have predicted its extinction, radio has proved them wrong time and time again, and we too believe that it will prevail.

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A communications center for Belize

A new communications center is arriving in the diocese of Belize City and Belmopan. Supplied with audio and video equipment for conferences and recording, computers, projectors, speakers and much more, the first communications center of the diocese will be a place of gathering for people from all ages and backgrounds that wish to get closer to technology, communications and the Church. 

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Luntha TV

Get your TV studio from SIGNIS Services Rome

Since its very beginning television has been an important element in our society. It impacts our cultural, social and educational life and is a dynamic means to connect with the world. Even with the advent of technology and social media, television still represents a powerful tool to communicate and share via engaging storytelling and compelling narratives in various formats. 

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SSR’s Reporter Kit, a multimedia solution for journalists on the go

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re witnessing history or an important event but you lack the tools to report on it? Do you feel like you have all the necessary knowledgement to create an amazing product but you’re missing the instruments to deliver the best quality possible? Worry no more, SIGNIS Services Rome’s Reporter Kit is available now.

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VSAT kit, our Internet by satellite service

Connecting billions of people worldwide, the Internet is a core pillar of the modern information society. Internet connection is nowadays one of the most important and powerful tools we have to work, broadcast and receive information, and even spread the Gospel.

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