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Collecting M.E.A.L. Data

After learning how to design and plan a M.E.A.L. system, we can dive into the third phase of the M.E.A.L. cycle: data collection. Timely, high-quality data is in fact the foundation upon which your project team can measure progress, make decisions, and learn.

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Consulting services for your media project

Communication has greatly evolved over time. The way that we talked, moved, and interacted with each other was different a hundred years ago, but also very different just a few years back. Even if as communicators, we embrace and understand the art of communicating, we have had to be resilient and adapt to what the public needs from us in current times. 

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Planning M.E.A.L. Activities: accountability and learning

We looked at the tools that are useful for you to plan the monitoring and evaluation of your project and now it is time to explore together the tools that will help you to be accountable and learn. There are three tools: Feedback-and-response mechanism flowcharts (FRMs), the Communication Plan and the Learning Plan, which we will analyze to give a clear idea about each of them and how to use them.

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Planning M.E.A.L. Activities

Let’s introduce the second phase of the M.E.A.L. system: planning. Logic models provide a map of M.E.A.L activities and planning tools allow you to successfully use that map. M.E.A.L. planning tools are used to develop comprehensive plans to answer the question: “how will we collect, analyze, interpret, use, and communicate M.E.A.L. information throughout the life of the project?”.

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Building a good M.E.A.L logframe

Learning how to build the logframe, one of one of the key elements of the M.E.A.L. System is one of the first and main steps to tackle. In this module we will walk you through each step and explain the different approaches you can use depending on what the goal of your media project is. 

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Designing the M.E.A.L. System Logic Model

Let’s examine the first of the five phases that compose the M.E.A.L. System: the design of the logic model, which is critical to explaining and understanding the type of change you want to achieve.

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M.E.A.L. project writing

Understanding the M.E.A.L. System

In this brand new #SSRTraining series we will tell you all about the M.E.A.L. System, an international standard system used in projects to conduct monitoring, evaluation, accountability, and learning activities so you can learn more about the different aspects that make up the world of project design and make your project ideas thrive.

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luntha television

Luntha TV: bringing wisdom to Malawians with the support of SSR

Malawi is located in the southeastern part of Africa. Covering over 120.000km2 and with a population of 20.5 million people, it is known as the “warm heart of Africa” because of how friendly its population is, something reflected in the latest interview given by Fr. David Niwagaba, director of Luntha Television to SIGNIS Services Rome.

Malawi has a rather rich media landscape, as it has 16 television stations, 5 of which are religious. Luntha Television is one of them. A project born in…

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